"Souls of Japan" is a creative body of work that I am building whilst living in Tokyo. I am pleased to say that in early 2020 it was a "Nyu-Sen" prizewinner in the 45th Exhibition of the Japan Professional Photographers Society - a national award.

As a foreigner in this intensely private country I often feel like a spectator of a very different culture. I am continually amazed by the contrasts here, visible in the different aspects of life and in the souls of the people who form this nation. I observe these people - their routines, their habits and their rituals - all of which so different to what I am used to as a westerner.

But there are of course, some similarities: Life, work, love, searching for who we are and what our place is in the world.

Because even though we are not all souls of Japan, we are souls of this world.

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